Acquire EU Citizenship and Permanent Residency


IPC EU Migration Services

About IPC

IPC EU Migration Services is a consultancy specialising in European Union Immigration, Residency and Citizenship programs dedicated to assisting non-EU nationals acquire EU Permanent Residency or Immediate Citizenship in the Republic of Cyprus, Greece and Spain through investment-led applications.

On behalf of our clients we liaise directly with all relevant immigration authorities for the issue of European Union Permanent Residency Permits and European Union Immediate Citizenship. 
Operating directly from our Headquarters in Cyprus and through partners in Greece and Spain, IPC EU Migration Services manages and co-ordinates personalised programs based on the applicant’s individual requirements. Our aim is to provide a swift and efficient service.

Apart from providing comprehensive Immigration services, IPC EU Migration Services has an enviable reputation for identifying selective “landmark” property investment opportunities that qualify for our European Union Permanent Residency and European Union Citizenship programs in Cyprus, Greece and Spain. Our professional and expert knowledge of the property industry ensures that applicants are offered an exciting array of the very best properties.

Using the extensive experience and comprehensive capabilities of our team of experts, in conjunction with our superb relationship with government institutions, international legal and financial consultants and the most prestigious property developers in Cyprus, Spain and Greece, IPC EU Migration Services provides the very best advice on Immigration and investment matters and provides a seamless, secure and fully managed solution to your needs.

Global Operation

IPC EU Migration Services has a worldwide presence to provide effective and bespoke Immigration, EU Permanent Residency and Citizenship solutions. We have worldwide partners who have representative offices in Russia, the Middle-East, Africa, United Kingdom, India, Pakistan, Asia, China and the Far-East, ensuring that our clients benefit from our extensive immigration knowledge and corporate operating structure, while also enjoying the reassurance of a ‘local’ company