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Support Helpline

Support Helpline

Each of the programs offered by IPC EU migration Services includes a comprehensive support helpline for applicants, their spouses and dependent children.

Examples of the support provided are:

  • Facilities in and around the property location including:
    • Banks
    • Medical Facilities:
      • Doctors
      • Hospitals
      • Pharmacies
    • Retail facilities
    • Leisure Facilities
    • Restaurants
  • Attractions in Cyprus including:
    • Permanent Attractions
    • Seasonal Attractions and Events
    • Shows
    • Concerts
  • Personal Support including:
    • Support with local government requirements (Councils)
    • Utility provision – broadband, gas, electricity, water etc
    • Banking:
      • Opening a bank account
    • Purchasing a vehicle
    • Transportation:
      • Buses
      • Airlines
    • Travel Arrangements
  • Comprehensive general advice as required