Acquire EU Citizenship and Permanent Residency



Property selection

You will select your property during your Property Inspection Trip to Cyprus, Spain or Greece.

Agreements form - completion

Your Barrister-Advocate will forward the following agreements to you:

  • Property Reservation Agreement
  • The Barrister - Advocate’s Client Bank Account Agreement
  • A Power of Attorney Agreement with the Barrister - Advocate
  • Property Sales Contract
  • EU Permanent Residency Permit Application Form
Transfer the Reservation Fee, Legal Fees and Government Fees & Taxes

In order for the IPC Lifestyle Program to commence, you will need to make payments to the Barrister - Advocate’s Client Bank Account. Costs covered include:

  • Property Reservation Fee
  • Costs for all Legal Fees and Application Fees for European Union Permanent Residency Permit
  • All applicable Limited Company Incorporation Fees
Collate supporting documentation

You must provide the supporting documentation required for the European Union Permanent Residency application.

Legalisation of the supporting documentation

You are required to notarise and legalise your supporting documentation.

Transfer the Investment

You must transfer the property purchase funds to the Barrister-Advocate’s Client Bank Account in accordance with the terms outlined within the Property Sales Contract.

Exchanging contracts on the property

The Barrister–Advocate will contact you for approval to Exchange Contracts on your property purchase.


Upon notification that the application has been pre-approved (a process that can take as little as 48 hours from document submission) the Barrister-Advocate will send you notification of the pre-approval in writing.

Final approval - and issue of the EU Permanent Residency Permit and legal completion

You will be advised by the Barrister–Advocate when the European Union Permanent Residency Permit has been issued.

At this stage, the Barrister-Advocate will transfer the property purchase funds to the Property developer / vendor from funds held within the Barrister-Advocate’s Client Bank Account.