Acquire EU Citizenship and Permanent Residency



Complete an ‘application for admission’ form

Generally the completion of an ‘Application for Admission’ form can be undertaken on-line. The form requires some basic information including:

  • The programme to be studied
  • Passport information
  • Sponsor (family details)
  • Special needs requirements
  • Educational background
  • Evidence of English language proficiency
  • Professional experience (if applicable)
  • Existing qualifications
Submission of supporting documentation

The selected university will require evidence of the students existing achievements and profile.

  • High School Leaving Certificate & Grade Report/Mark Sheet
  • Evidence of English Language Proficiency
  • Passport copy (valid for more than 2 years)
  • Certificate of Good Conduct
  • Bank Letter of Financial Support
  • Blood Test Results (validity not more than 4 months)
  • X-Ray Report (validity not more than 4 months)
  • Copies of certificates for existing qualifications
Submission of application fee

There is generally a non-refundable fee associated with each application. Fees may vary between universities and details can be provided for specific universities upon request.

Submission of tuition deposit

Once an application has been processed, the Application Fee and all of the necessary supporting documentation have been submitted, a ‘Letter of Acceptance’ will be provided to the applicant. Once received, the tuition deposit must be paid to the University. This fee may vary between universities, however, details can be provided for specific courses/universities upon request.

Property selection

You will select your property during your Property Inspection Trip to Cyprus.

Agreement and contracts - completion

Your Barrister-Advocate in Cyprus will forward the following agreements to you:

  • Property Reservation Agreement
  • The Barrister-Advocate’s Client Bank Account Agreement in Cyprus
  • A Power of Attorney Agreement with the Barrister-Advocate in Cyprus
  • Property Sales Contract
  • Cyprus EU Permanent Residency Permit Application Form
Transfer the reservation fee and IPC life-style program costs

In order for the IPC Lifestyle Program to commence, you will need to make two payments to the Barrister-Advocate’s Client Bank Account in Cyprus. This fee encompasses the following:

  • The Property Reservation Fee of €2,000
  • The IPC Lifestyle Program costs of €5,000 (which includes all Legal Fees and Cyprus EU Permanent Residency Permit Application Process fee
Collect and collate supporting documentation

You must provide the supporting documentation required for the Cyprus EU Permanent Residency application.

Legalisation of the supporting documentation

You are required to notarise and legalise your supporting documentation.

Transfer the investment amount to Cyprus

You must transfer the property purchase funds to the Barrister-Advocate’s Client Bank Account in Cyprus in accordance with the terms outlined within the Property Sales Contract.

Exchanging contracts on the property

The Barrister–Advocate in Cyprus will contact you in order to obtain approval to exchange contracts on your property purchase.


Upon notification that the application has been pre-approved, a process that can take as little as 48 hours from document submittal to the Civil Registry and Migration Department, the Barrister - Advocate will send you notification of the pre-approval in writing.

Final approval, issue of the cyprus EU permanent residency permit and legal completion

You will be advised by the Barrister–Advocate when the Cyprus EU Permanent Residency Permit has been issued.

At this stage, the Barrister - Advocate will transfer the property purchase funds to the Property developer/vendor from funds held within the Barrister  - Advocates Client Bank Account in Cyprus.