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Ayia Napa Region

Ayia Napa Region

The City and Region
Ayia Napa is a world famous resort located at the eastern end of the south coast within the Republic of Cyprus. Ayia Napa has gained the reputation of a ‘party capital’ attracting many people with its lively nightlife as well as the beautiful scenery and endless sandy beaches. Offering an eclectic mix of Mediterranean beauty, history and charm, the Ayia Napa coastline is considered the finest with regard to beaches in Cyprus. 

The Cyprus Tourism Organisation supervises the beaches and is responsible for protecting the interests of all tourists. All beaches in Ayia Napa have been awarded the Blue flag for their level of cleanliness and the excellent facilities provided.

Despite its reputation as a lively resort Ayia Napa has retained its village feel and whilst being thronged with thousands of holidaymakers in the summer months, it remains one of the safest places to live and vacation in the Mediterranean. With a very low crime rate and friendly local people, many visitors from around the world have fallen in love with Ayia Napa, with many others choosing to make the area their home and settle permanently.

Ayia Napa and Protaras beaches come top in EU – Nov 2012

Ayia Napa and Protaras beaches ranked among the top European beaches at a voting, carried out by the well-known European tourism website “Trip Advisor”. Ayia Napa beaches rank first and Protaras beaches third among the finest beaches in Europe.

Twenty-three beaches of Ayia Napa and Protaras were awarded the Blue Flag, something that proves the high standard of quality of those beaches.


Ayia Napa is Greek for "Saint Napa", the patron saint of the town, whose Venetian-era monastery is in the centre of the town.
Located in the far eastern end of the Cypriot Republic,  Ayia Napa has become synonymous as the clubbing centre of the island,  it has become popular as the summer holiday destination for followers of clubbing music and nightclubs. However, Ayia Napa also attracts international tourists due to its spectacular Mediterranean beaches and family friendly ambience.


Activities/Places of Interest

  • Water World – the largest water park in Europe with in excess of 2,000 visitors daily
  • Cape Greco. The most eastern part of Europe is defined as Cape Greco.
  • Ayia Napa Aqueduct - The medieval aqueduct still exists and was recently restored
  • Pantahou Beach, Landa and Makronissos. Three sandy beaches, providing quiet and a relaxing location for sun-bathing and water-sports.


The night life of Ayia Napa is very varied and offers something for everyone, from lively nightclubs playing the latest music trends to sophisticated nightclubs providing a more stylish venue. The resort is changing its persona from a party capital to a cosmopolitan location offering cocktail lounge bars, comedy bars, live music and dancing.

The nightlife in the area provides for all tastes and age groups and Ayia Napa remains the most popular tourist destination for those wanting varied entertainment in addition to having some of the best and most acclaimed beaches in Europe .


Ayia Napa has an enjoyable Mediterranean climate of long summers and short mild winters.
The peak summer months see average daily highs of 32ºC, while the shoulder summer months of June and September see a slightly cooler, but still very hot, high of 30ºC. The average temperature throughout the season is about 25 to 26ºC, and it tends to fall to a pleasant 20ºC at night.

Rain is nonexistent during the summer months. June very occasionally sees a small shower, but rainfall is typically a winter affair.

October sees an average high of 27ºC which falls to 22ºC by November. October is a great time to visit as daytimes are gorgeously hot while night times, falling to 16ºC, are refreshing without being cold. November is much the same but slightly cooler.

December sees the most rain of the year, averaging 80 mm for the month. The average daily temperature for the month is 14ºC, before cooling down to 12ºC come January and February.  The whole of winter is prone to wet and windy weather with sunny intervals. Sunshine levels remain good at 5 hours per day.

In the spring months average temperatures start off at 14ºC in March before rising to an average of 21ºC by May. March is the wettest month in spring after which it dries out significantly; rainfall drops to minimal levels by May.


There are several kindergarten and elementary schools in Ayia Napa, with InterNapa College (INC) located in nearby Famagusta providing courses to include:

  • Business Administration (4 Years plus an Optional Foundation    Year,    Bachelor of Arts)
  • Hospitality and Tourism Management (4 Years plus an Optional Foundation Year, Bachelor of Arts)
  • Business Administration (4 years, plus an optional Foundation year, Bachelor of Arts)
  • Hospitality and Tourism Management (4 years, plus an optional Foundation year, Bachelor of Arts)
  • Business Administration (2 Years, plus an Optional Foundation   Year,    Diploma)
  • Hospitality and Tourism Management (2 Years, plus an Optional Foundation Year, Diploma)
  • Computer Studies (2 Years, plus an Optional Foundation Year,     Diploma)
  • Culinary Arts (2 Years, plus an optional Foundation Year, Diploma)
  • Secretarial Studies (2 Years, Diploma)


Ayia Napa offers several healthcare facilities that provide sound medical advice.

Saveco Health Centre is based in the centre of Ayia Napa and offers:

  • Residential visits by the doctor (24 hour service)
  • First Aid treatment
  • Referrals to Specialists, as and when required
  • General medical advice
  • Prescriptions/medications issued if required
  • GP Services, assessment of all medical conditions
  • Wheelchairs/Crutches/Zimmer frames/Nebulisers rental

Established in 1993, Napa Olympic Private Hospital is the only healthcare Centre in Ayia Napa resort that offers the very best international practice in patient care and medical technology

Napa Olympic Private Hospital offers its services to thousands of patients, both locals and tourists. It has an Emergency Room and Casualty department operating autonomously with a separate access to minimize the time for immediate treatment. Three fully equipped Ambulances are on call 24 hours a day and cover the complete radius of the resort.


Retail Facilities
For those with a passion for shopping, Ayia Napa may offer the ideal solution. This island paradise provides a solution to those wanting both international designer goods and local handicrafts.
Designer Goods in Ayia Napa

If you enjoy buying designer goods, Ayia Napa’s retail facilities offer clothing, jewellery, watches and sunglasses from all the top designers at prices that are generally 30 percent lower than those available in the United Kingdom. Electronic goods such as cameras are also available at reasonable competitive prices.


Handicrafts in Ayia Napa
Ayia Napa is renown throughout the region for its exquisite handicrafts. Some of the most popular items include Lefkara lace, handmade ceramic pottery, hand woven baskets, silver jewellery, olive oil, wine, silk and woven goods and leather. Items are modestly priced and of high quality. The government has created the Cyprus Handicraft Service to recognize and promote official handicraft shops.


Food and Commodities
In addition to fashion shopping Ayia Napa offers several retail outlets to provide all those food and household items. They include:

  • Efstathiou Yiannis Shopping Centre
  • Plaza Shopping Centre
  • Internapa Shopping Centre
  • Stathis Shopping Center
  • Incredible Universe