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Polis Region

Polis Region


The City and Region
The Polis and Latchi region is highly regarded as being one of the most scenic in Cyprus. From the popular town of Polis with its paved streets, to the upmarket marina at Latchi with its world famous fish restaurants situated around the marina surrounded by many small picturesque villages, the area is unspoilt with beautiful scenery displaying contrasts of nature where the Mediterranean Sea meets the green steep mountains of Akamas National Park.

















Latchi was a working harbour. However, over the years it has developed into a tourist destination for those wishing a relaxing, serene vacation, with its natural environment at the heart of its growth.

Further along the coast are the Baths of Aphrodite which signifies the start of Akamas National Park. The peninsula is an area of unparalleled natural beauty with deep gorges, a wild landscape and wide sandy bays. It is also an area of great biodiversity and ecological significance and home to 530 plant species, 126 of which are endemic to Cyprus. The variety of fauna is equally impressive; there are 168 birds, 12 mammals, 20 reptiles and 16 butterfly species.

‘Polis; meaning ‘town’ in Greek, is situated to the North West of Cyprus. The Akamas Peninsula lies to the West and it is a 30 minute drive from Paphos. The area is also close to tourist sites where Aphrodite used to meet with her lover Adonis. The fishing resort of Latchi is very close by.

Polis caters well for independent travellers and is well known for its nature, and those keen on active holidays including cycling, hiking, horse riding, scuba diving and golf. Being a coastal resort, Polis offers many water sports including diving, sailing, fishing, windsurfing and canoeing.

A stunning unspoilt resort, dotted with citrus groves and beautiful turquoise waters, it is the least developed beach resort in the South of Cyprus. Varied landscapes are to be found here including rocky mountains, meadows and forests. Polis faces across Chrysochou Bay to the Akamas Peninsula where many hiking trails can be found.

The town is centred around a central plaza which hosts a daily market. Each evening at sunset the market stalls are replaced with restaurant tables which serve various types of food including Italian, Chinese, Indian, Syrian and seafood. Traditional tavernas can also be found.

Due to its geographical location the sea is deemed to be significantly warmer than the more southerly towns such as Limassol.












Polis and Latchi are considered to be the region for quality, special interest tourism in Cyprus.  Polis and Latchi provides an ideal tourist location for those who appreciate authenticity and seek rest and tranquility in a pleasant and friendly environment, which blends mountains, sea and plain with a wonderful healthy climate, a mild winter, a particularly warm, clear sea and sandy beaches.

Polis and Latchi are considered the location par excellence for nature lovers and those keen on active holidays, such as hiking, cycling, horse riding and golf.


Attractions in the region

  • Golf courses of Tsada, Aphrodite Hills and Secret Valley.
  • 19km to the beach resort of Coral Bay.
  • 30km to Paphos Town
  • A 30 minute drive to Paphos International Airport.
  • Historic and Tourist Attractions:
    • The Baths of Aphrodite
    • Turtle Bay
    • Avakas Gorge
    • Adonis Baths
    • Paphos Castle
    • Aphrodites Rock
    • A 2-hour drive to the Troodos Mountains


Polis and Latchi has an enjoyable Mediterranean climate of long summers and short mild winters.
The peak summer months see average daily highs of 33ºC, while the shoulder summer months of June and September see a slightly cooler, but still very hot, high of 30ºC. The average temperature throughout the season is about 24 to 27ºC, and it tends to fall to a pleasant 20ºC at night.

October sees an average high of 27ºC which falls to 22ºC by November. October is a great time to visit as daytimes are gorgeously hot while night times, falling to 16ºC, are refreshing without being cold. November is much the same but slightly cooler.

In the spring months average temperatures start off at 16ºC in March before rising to an average of 20ºC by May.
There are no educational facilities in the Polis, Latchi region, with pupils travelling to the nearby city of Paphos with its multitude of elementary and secondary schools in addition to international universities


The Polis Medical Centre is situated in the mid of the touristic focus Polis/Latchi, there is the only private clinic.

The institution has gained an excellent reputation through the modern and technically up-to-date infrastructure, and the philosophy centred on the patients needs and wishes.


Retail Facilities
Polis boasts a good selection of shops and restaurants all located around a charming central plaza. There is a daily market in the plaza, each evening at sunset the market stalls are replaced with restaurant tables which serve various types of food including Italian, Chinese, Indian, Syrian and seafood. Traditional tavernas can also be found. The other main town in this area, Latchi, is the home for a few tourist shops, and a number of traditional tavernas and restaurants, all of which are located next to the beach/marina

  Villages surrounding the Latchi and Polis area
Further inland from Latchi and Polis are the beautiful villages of Droushia and Inia which still retain the traditions of Cyprus.   Further north, are the villages of Arkaga to Pomas and on to the end of the road at Kato Pyrgos the last village within the Republic of Cyprus before entering the Turkish sector of Cyprus.