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Lifestyle Permanent Residency

Lifestyle Permanent Residency

What is the IPC Lifestyle Program?

The IPC Lifestyle Program is an innovative initiative which guarantees that non-EU applicants can apply for, and acquire Cyprus EU Permanent Residency Permits in the Republic of Cyprus via the purchase of approved and selected residential property in the Republic of Cyprus:

  • We provide a wide range of residential property in all cities in Cyprus to accommodate your specific home or second home requirements 
  • We support and fully administer all stages of your property purchase and application for a Cyprus EU Permanent Residency Permit
  • We use selected and highly qualified lawyers to represent your legal property purchase and Cyprus EU Permanent Residency Permit Application

Who would benefit from the IPC Lifestyle Program?

What does the IPC Lifestyle program provide? 

What Services are encompassed within the IPC Lifestyle program?