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In the Republic of Cyprus, healthcare is provided by private practitioners and clinics as well as government medical services. Government medical services may be used by anyone who chooses to do so, free or reduced rates are available to qualifying patients. Private care is paid for by the patient (or by their private health insurer).
The Cyprus Ministry of Health (MOH) administers the program and funding is obtained through general taxation.

Public Medical Care

Public Medical Care is provided by the government medical services. The government medical services can be used by anyone who chooses to be treated at a public medical institution. Emergency care is provided free to all persons who arrive at the accident and emergency departments of the government hospitals. Every city has its own hospital with an accident and emergency department. However, if any further medical care is required and the patient needs to be detained overnight or a longer period of time, charges apply.

Private Medical Care

Persons who opt for Private Medical Care incur the costs personally. Many doctors run their own private surgeries. In addition, many doctors work at city health centres that provide a wide range of medical services in all specialties (including dentistry and optometry) and other relevant services such as laboratory analysis, radiology and chiropody.

Medical Insurance

There are two main categories of Private Health Insurance.

  1.  Standard Health Cover. A standard health insurance policy for a family includes private clinic stay, operation and medical costs up to €87,500 per year. The policy costs vary depending on the age and Health conditions of the applicants by is in the region of 500 EURO PA for a family of 4.
  2. Extra Health Cover. These policies include all the above but also give the holders a set amount for medication costs per year and various reimbursements on doctors visits.