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The structure of Government is similar to other western democracies where human rights, political pluralism and private property are safeguarded. The legal system is based on the same principles as those applicable in the United Kingdom.

The Political Parties

The Republic of Cyprus has a multi-party system in which four main parties dominate the political landscape. They are:

  • Progressive Party of the Working People (AKEL), a left-wing party
  • Democratic Rally (DISY), a centre-right party
  • Democratic Party (DIKO), a centrist party
  • Movement of Social Democracy (EDEK), a social democratic party

Smaller Political Parties include:

  • European Party (Evroko), a centrist political party
  • Ecologists Movement, also known as the Cyprus Green Party

What is known in Cyprus as ‘the national issue’ – the division of the island between the mainly Greek-speaking south and the mainly Turkish-speaking north – has dominated the politics of the island for decades. Despite many attempts by various Cypriot Presidents to resolve the problem, the division persists. With problems as complex  as power-sharing,  property ownership  and the right of refugees to return,  as well as crucial security issues standing in the way of a settlement, finding a way to end the division of Cyprus remains extremely challenging.